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If you are facing a DWI, DUI, or other criminal offense in the City of Town and Country, Missouri, attorney James P. Feely, Jr., can help you.

The City of Town and Country is situated within St. Louis County, Missouri, and the municipal court is located at 1011 Municipal Center Drive, Town and Country, MO 63131.

The police officers in Town and Country are very vigilant, and patrol their city in a very proactive manner.

In the past, they were known as one of the top DWI enforcement municipalities in Missouri. 

With its location right at the intersection of Highways 270 and 40, it provides the local police with an ideal place to sit and watch for alleged drunk drivers.

If you are traveling through this area and get stopped for some reason, such as speeding or some other traffic offense, and the officer claims to smell alcohol on your breath, they will tell you to exit your vehicle.

It is possible that they will speak with you for a moment or two before having you exit the car, so that they can see if you give any incriminating statements or admissions - such as "I've had 5 beers tonight", or "yes, I have been drinking tonight", etc.

Once removed from the vehicle, the officer will have you perform some standardized field sobriety tests.

Many Town and Country police officers have dash cams on their vehicles, so it is likely your sobriety tests will be recorded for use as evidence at trial.

If the officer believes you are intoxicated after you perform the tests, you will be arrested for DWI.

From there you will go to the precinct, where they will ask you to take a breath test.  In some jurisdictions police have breath testing equipment in their vehicle, and can perform the breath test right there.

Before administering the test, the arresting officer will observe you for 15 minutes before administering the test, to make sure sure you don't have anything in your mouth, and that you don't vomit or otherwise have stomach contents come up into your mouth before taking the test. 

Any such stomach contents can skew the test results and cause them to be worthless as to measuring your blood alcohol concentration, since it would be introducing possible alcohol into your mouth which would be measured by the testing device.

In addition to DWI cases, Town and Country Police make arrests for other types of offenses, such as marijuana possession, petty larceny and domestic assault.

​All of these offenses are considered serious matters and can have detrimental effects on a person's record if they are convicted. 

If you have a pending charge, call attorney James P. Feely, Jr., today for a free case review.

Mr. Feely also handles cases in Kirkwood, Sunset Hills, and others.

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