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Over 29 years of successful trial experience

Helping people fight for justice

Call today for a free consultation

Let James P. Feely, Jr., help you with your Sunset Hills DWI, DUI, or other ordinance violation.

Mr. Feely has been helping people, just like you, protect their freedom, reputations, and rights since 1993.  He can help you, but you have to call first.

Sunset Hills is a city located within St. Louis County.  It is situated in what is often locally referred to as "South County".

The Municipal Court address is 3939 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Sunset Hills, MO 63127.

Sunset Hills has its own police department and municipal court - with both a prosecuting attorney and judge.

The police officers that patrol the city are very well-trained. 


They are very proactive in their pursuit of alleged criminals, and will arrest you if they believe you have violated the law.

However, you are not alone with your pending charges in
Sunset Hills - you can have an experienced attorney fight for you and your rights.

James P. Feely, Jr., has been a trial attorney for over 25 years, and has focused his practice on DWI and all other criminal defense matters in both state and local municipal courts.

If you have been arrested for a DWI offense in Sunset Hills, you will need an attorney to answer your questions right away, and to begin challenging any DOR administrative action.

You have certain rights that pertain to your driving privileges, and if you don't act quickly - in 15 days - you can lose those privileges under certain circumstances.

Some people often wait until shortly before their initial court date to speak with a lawyer.  In most DWI cases, that is too long to wait. 

Many municipal courts set your initial court date off a month or more from the arrest date.

If you wait that long it will be too late to make an administrative challenge

to your administrative suspension if your BAC was over the limit, or the  breath refusal revocation if you refused the test.

If these administrative deadlines are missed, you lose your right to challenge these administrative actions being commenced by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Even if you had a chance to beat those administrative actions, once the deadline has passed, you lose your right to challenge them.

Call today to speak to an attorney about your case - you will receive a free initial consultation.​

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