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If you have received a traffic ticket for a moving violation in St. Louis County or other areas in Missouri, call attorney James P. Feely, Jr.   He can help you.

In most cases you won't even have to go to court to resolve your matter, instead Mr. Feely will go to court for you when necessary.      

If you plead guilty to a moving violation, you will receive points on your license. Your auto insurance company reviews your driving record at various times when setting your premiums. 

If you can avoid the points and conviction from a moving violation, your insurance company never knows because it is not on your driving record.

A moving violation is an offense such as speeding, running a red light, failure to maintain a single lane, and many others.


Mr. Feely will negotiate with the prosecutor to seek a reduced charge that is a no-point, non-moving violation.

​​The Missouri statute that explains how many points you will receive if you plead guilty (by paying the fine), or are found guilty at trial, to a moving violation, is §302.302 RSMo.

Traffic tickets can be written in either state or municipal night court.

The points you receive for moving violation convictions differ in some instances between state court and municipal (night) court.

Some traffic tickets are much more serious matters, such as intoxication related offenses.

Not only can you receive points for a DWI conviction, but also possible jail time.

Mr. Feely has been a criminal law trial attorney for over 30 years and has the skill and experience to help you fight your serious traffic charges.


If the police have seized anything from your vehicle, it may be possible to challenge the seizure via a motion to suppress evidence.  The police will frequently seize drugs and other items from a vehicle. 

Often a seizure of drugs in a vehicle will lead to an arrest for illegal drugs being filed against the driver and possibly any passengers in the vehicle.


St. Louis traffic ticket attorney James P. Feely, Jr. is here to assist you with your moving violations, whether in Bridgeton, Florissant, Webster Groves, and many other locations.

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