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If you have City of Olivette DWI, DUI, or other criminal defense matter, call attorney James P. Feely, Jr., for a free consultation.

Your odds of achieving a favorable outcome to your case often depends on taking fast action after your arrest to obtain legal counsel, so that they can begin fighting your charges right away.

The City of Olivette is located within St. Louis County, Missouri.  The court house address is 1140 Dielman Road, Olivette, MO  63132.

The police that patrol the city are proactive and will enforce the laws within the jurisdiction very strictly.

Officers from Olivette are professionally-trained to catch and apprehend alleged law violators in their city.

People are arrested in Olivette for a wide variety of potential offenses, such as driving while intoxicated, stealing, weed possession, minor in possession of alcohol, and many others.

No matter what jurisdiction, DWI and DUI cases are given top priority by law enforcement officers on patrol.

They are always searching for cues that show a driver might be intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs.

For example, they will search for erratic driving patterns such as improper lane usage - weaving or straddling the center lane or fog line. 

Another situation that has been the cause of traffic stops is drivers stopping at stop lights or stop signs for too long (after the light has turned green) or after an unusually long stop at a stop sign.

Many drivers are arrested for a DWI after being stopped for a simple speeding offense like speeding. 

When the officer approaches the vehicle and makes contact with the driver, they are checking for the smell of alcohol or possibly weed.

If they detect alcohol, they will begin an investigation for impaired driving.  In virtually all of these stops, the driver will be asked to stop out of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, at this point things often deteriorate for the driver because the standardized field sobriety tests given by the officer are difficult to perform, even when a driver is not intoxicated.

If a person has any physical problems, those might also negatively affect a person performing the tests.

If the officer believes the driver is intoxicated, they will arrest the driver and request that they take a breath or blood test to determine if their blood alcohol concentration exceeds the legal limit.

This entire investigation process for a DWI can happen so fast, that it often makes a driver wonder what just happened to them after they find themselves sitting in a holding cell at the jail less than an hour after they are stopped.

Fortunately, there are ways to fight such charges, and an experienced criminal defense attorney like Mr. Feely can help you navigate through this very unpleasant situation.

There are so many technical requirements for the police to follow while investigating a DWI case, that sometimes they make a mistake that will allow a driver to defeat the criminal charges, or possibly the administrative matter that stems from the DWI arrest.

The better the training the police officer has received, the less likely they make such mistakes, but they do happen everyday.

In addition to Olivette, we cover municipalities like Kirkwood, Eureka, University City, and others.

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