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If you are facing a DWI in Eureka Municipal Court, you need to speak with an experienced attorney, like James P. Feely, Jr.

The Eureka Police Department consists of police officers that are well-trained, and who vigorously enforce the laws within their jurisdiction. 

If you are arrested by the Eureka Police, you will receive a ticket or summons, and may be required to post bond to be released from jail.


Generally, an ordinance violation is similar to a state-level misdemeanor offense - although the range of punishment is different for municipal ordinance violations.


The Eureka Municipal Court is located at 120 City Hall Drive, Eureka, Missouri  63025.  



An arrest for a DWI or DUI will require the driver to act very quickly to protect their driving privileges. 

In as little as 15 days after an arrest for DWI, a person can lose their driving privileges. 

Driving while intoxicated offenses are very serious charges to face, even if the offense is a municipal (night court) offense. 

In addition to the possibility of jail time and fines on the "criminal" portion

of the case, there will most often be an "administrative" action as well.

For the "administrative" portion of the case, a person will face suspension or revocation of their driving privileges. 

Along with such possible loss of driving privileges, an individual will be required to complete SATOP and other "programs" geared towards people who might have an alcohol problem.

The level of SATOP assigned to an individual will be based on how high a person's BAC level was, as well as how many prior DWI arrests they've had, and how they answer questions posed by the person conducting the evaluation.

A person arrested with a higher BAC level will be required to complete a higher SATOP level, depending on how high the BAC level.

A driver has the right to challenge the level of SATOP they have been assigned.

A petition to challenge the assignment takes place at the county circuit court before a judge. 

Although a person can do this on their own if they have the knowledge and desire to do so, it is recommended to have an attorney help you with such matters.  Challenging the SATOP assessment properly is very important. 

Often times a person is worried and upset about their arrest, and may wish to avoid dealing with it - but you can't let that happen. 

The faster a person contacts an attorney, the better their chances will be to protect their rights successfully.

If you are facing a DWI or DUI, here is more information about alcohol-related driving offenses, and the law that pertains to them.

Mr. Feely also handles matters out of Olivette, University City, and other municipal courts.

When you call you will speak to an attorney, not a paralegal or assistant.

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