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If you or a loved one is facing a Wildwood DWI, DUI, or other criminal defense matter, attorney James P. Feely, Jr. can help.

Mr. Feely has been a DWI and criminal defense attorney for over 24 years - he has helped thousands of people just like you during that time.

Your freedom and reputation are at risk if you are facing a serious offense.


He is happy to talk with you about your Wildwood case today with a free consultation.

The City of Wildwood is located within St. Louis County, Missouri.  The City Hall and court is located at 16860 Main St., Wildwood, MO 63040.

The division of the St. Louis County Police Department patrols the streets of Wildwood.

These police officers are well-trained and will diligently patrol the area in search of alleged law violators.

The officers in Wildwood often make arrests for DWI, drug possession, assault, and many other offenses. 

If you have a DWI charge, Mr. Feely will help you by fighting for your rights in both the criminal charge (DWI ticket) and also the resulting DOR administrative matter.

You will have an administrative case that involves DOR if your BAC tested .08 or higher, or if you refused the breath or blood test.

When you have a DWI charge you must act quickly to protect your driving privileges. 

The Missouri Department of Revenue can suspend your license for a BAC test result of .08 or higher - and this can take place 15 days after you are arrested under certain circumstances.

A person can also be arrested and charged for a DWI if they are under the influence of a drug instead of alcohol.

This type of DWI charge is sometimes referred to as a DUI. 

If arrested for a DUI, the police can request a blood or urine test from the arrested driver.

The police will generally ask for a blood test instead of a urine test, because a blood test will show the level of the active drug in your system at the time the sample is taken. 

A urine test will show the metabolites of a particular drug that you had previously taken (confirmation of past use), but not the current level of the drug in the bloodstream. 

Some drugs like marijuana stay in the body for a month or more, thus a urine test won't help the police show that a driver was under the influence of a drug at the time of operation of the vehicle.

Missouri does not have a set standard that dictates what exact amount of a drug in your system creates a presumption of intoxication. 

This is unlike alcohol DWI cases, where a .08 blood alcohol content is the set legal standard for presumption of intoxication.  

​In other words, there is no ".08 standard" in drugged driving (DUI) cases.

For more information on DWI, DUI and all other criminal defense matters, we can help you.

Handling cases in many municipalities, including St. Peters, Sunset Hills, and others.

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