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In states all across the country, people still get arrested for what are often called "vice crimes". 

A vice crime is an offense that is generally based on a morality rationale rather than a defined harm to society - such as laws banning prostitution, marijuana, and gambling. 


While prostitution and gambling are both widely legal in many countries around the world, marijuana is still more illegal than legal around the world, and is completely illegal in Missouri.


If you are facing prostitution or patronizing prostitution charges, you need to call an attorney right away. 

Your reputation and criminal record could be in jeopardy if convicted of such an offense.

The police put will focus enforcement and resources into investigation and prosecution vice crimes from time to time.

For example, the police will set up in a hotel and will act in an "undercover" capacity to respond to ads placed on various online sites advertising massages, etc.

The police will make contact with various persons who are advertising such services online, and try to get them to come to the hotel at a specified time. 

Once the "target" arrives, the officer will ask for certain sexual acts and talk about the price.  If the "target" agrees with the officer about the sexual acts and the price, the crime has been committed.

Generally when the police run these types of stings, they net a fair number of arrests. 

The police will also set up stings where they pose as the prostitute, to catch those who are "patronizing prostitution". 

The police will use an undercover officer who will usually go to a location known for prostitution, and pose as a prostitute seeking customers.

Anyone who stops to speak to the undercover officer and discusses sex acts for money will be arrested for patronizing prostitution.

There is also the crime of promoting prostitution, which involves managing, supervising, compelling, and promoting others who are the actual prostitutes. 


A slang term for this is "pimping".  This offense is more serious than prostitution or patronizing a prostitute from a legal point of view. 

The Missouri statute addressing these prostitution-related charges is found in Chapter §567 RSMo. 


Many states have legal gambling in place, such as lotteries and casino gambling.  However, if private individuals wager in similar ways in private, it is a crime in Missouri. 

The Missouri statutes that addresses illegal gambling are found in Chapter §572 RSMo.


With the legalization of marijuana (weed) for medicinal use and recreational use in other states, it seems strange to many that people are still arrested for weed in St. Louis and the rest of the state. 

Fortunately, the legislature made a first time offense of possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana a class D misdemeanor, punishable up to a maximum $500 fine only. 

Here is more information on marijuana laws in Missouri.

Whether or case is in state court or a municipal court like Kirkwood, Florissant, or Webster Groves, we can help.

Mr. Feely has extensive experience handling sex related crimes, as well as other law violations in.

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