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If you are facing charges a domestic assault charge or other violent offense, speak to attorney James P. Feely, Jr., today.

Prosecutors are never easy on assault charges, you need a lawyer who has the knowledge and expertise to defend you successfully. 

If you plead guilty or are found guilty of a domestic violence charge, even one filed in night court or as a state court misdemeanor, you could lose your right to purchase or possess a firearm under Federal law. 

This is true even if your charges do not involve a weapon or even any physical injury on the part of the alleged victim. 

In some domestic assault cases you will be prohibited from having any contact with the alleged victim as a condition of bond. 

Sometimes in a domestic assault case the alleged victim will decide that they no longer wish to pursue charges (wants to drop charges). 

What most don't realize is that once the case is filed, the prosecutor has no duty to honor the decision or the alleged victim to drop the charges (dismiss the case). 

​If you have an assault charge or other violent offense charges you can call James P. Feely, Jr. today for no charge.


A person who has been accused of domestic assault or some other violent offense will will need to have a solid defense against the power of the government. 

Such offenses are prosecuted to the fullest extent, even at the night court (municipal) level.  You need someone on your side that is going to fight for your rights.

One defense is simply that you did not do what they are alleging.  It is possible that someone has lied about you to try and get you into trouble. 

This happens sometimes in domestic assault cases where one party is lying about the other to try and gain some advantage, say in a divorce proceeding or perhaps a child custody dispute.


One defense to an assault charge is self-defense. 

You may have been physically attacked by someone and you had to use force in defense of yourself or others. 

Self-defense law requirements are very specific, and it is easy to make a mistake if the attorney is not experienced utilizing this defense.

In using self-defense as a defense (called justification defense), your attorney will need to understand what is required to allow the jury to even consider your self-defense claim at trial.  

If the trial judge decides during trial that there is not enough evidence to permit the jury to hear your self-defense claim, then you could be foreclosed (shut down) on that defense. 

Therefore, it is critical that your self-defense claim is properly presented via the evidence at trial so that you will be allowed to submit the appropriate MAI-CR (jury instruction) to the jury. 


Mr. Feely has successfully utilized self-defense in trial and received not guilty verdicts in charges where his client was charged with Assault in the First Degree, Armed Criminal Action, and other charges, and was facing life imprisonment. 

St. Louis lawyer James P. Feely, Jr., has proven success representing clients facing a variety of charges over his 30 years of trial practice. 


Cases handled in all local municipal courts - Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, Kirkwood, and others. 

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