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If you have a pending St. Ann DWI, DUI, or other criminal charges, you need an experienced lawyer like James P. Feely, Jr., to fight for you in court.

The City of St. Ann is located within St. Louis County.  The municipal court is located at 10405 St Charles Rock Rd, St Ann, MO 63074.

In addition to hearing cases that originated within the boundaries of St. Ann, the court there also handles matters from the City of Vinita Park, the City of Northwoods, City of Charlack, City of Wellston, and City of Beverly Hills.

If you have received a DWI or DUI in St. Ann, Mr. Feely can help you.  Such charges are very stressful to deal with, and can wreak havoc on your driving privileges.

Every year the punishments that pertain to intoxicated driving cases become more and more severe.

Sometimes people believe that a first time drunk driving arrest is not that important, but that is a false belief - unlike other criminal offenses, DWI will affect your driving privileges as well as subject you to jail time and big fines.

If you are asked to submit to a breath or blood test and you refuse, you will fact a one year revocation of driving privileges.

If the one year revocation for refusing the test is instituted, you might be eligible for a limited driving privilege (LDP).

However, you will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed if granted an LDP under these circumstances.

An ignition interlock device is a machine installed in the vehicle, and it requires the driver to blow into a tube before the car will start, and also at various times while driving, to verify that the driver does not have any alcohol in their system.

If the device detects any alcohol on the breath of the driver, it will designate a "fail" and will not start. 

The device keeps track of "fails" and other issues, and the information is downloaded from the machine at regular intervals by taking the vehicle to the place where the device was installed.

A driver will be responsible for the costs associated with having an ignition interlock installed and maintained.

If you have any questions about DWI matters, or other types of offenses, Mr. Feely is happy to speak with you.

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