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Over 29 years of successful trial experience

Helping people fight for justice


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If you need an attorney for your south St. Louis County DWI or other criminal defense matter, attorney James P. Feely, Jr. is here to help you.

Mr. Feely has represented clients in Jefferson County, and 30 other counties in Missouri, during his 25+ years as a lawyer.

Facing criminal charges or a municipal offense can be a terrifying and stressful experience. 

The consequences of such charges can cause permanent damage to your reputation and criminal record. 


Even matters that might seem trivial - like a speeding ticket can have unpleasant consequences - such as points and a conviction on your driving record.


Your insurance company checks your driving record before they sell or renew your policy. 

Don't let your rates go up by receiving points on your license. 

If you receive too many points you can have your driving privileges suspended or revoked. 

If you go to court without an attorney, you will have no one looking out for your interests. 

The prosecutor and judge do not have a duty to let you know if you have a beatable case, or if it is otherwise not a good idea to plead guilty to your offense.

Mr. Feely has the skill and experience to help you.  He will aggressively fight for your rights. 


You will speak to a lawyer and not a paralegal when you call.

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