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​​If you have been arrested for petty larceny, shoplifting, or another theft offense, you need an attorney who will fight for your rights.


James P. Feely, Jr., has helped hundreds of people facing shoplifting charges and other theft-related offenses for over his 29 years of trial practice.

Many theft cases today stem from shoplifting arrests.  With the constant improvement of technology, more people are being caught attempting to steal at stores. 

Some large chain department stores have security cameras and systems that would rival those in top level casinos.  

With cameras that can zoom to get a close up of your face and see what you have in your hands, stores have become more effective at catching shoplifters every day across the country.

​Almost every store and business has some type of surveillance system recording video, with many adding audio as well. 


Even if a person didn't get caught in the act, their crime would most likely be recorded, at least for a period of time.

Sometimes a person will attempt to walk out of the store with something they didn't pay for - but unintentionally.  An item might accidentally wind up under a baby carrier and such.

There are other defenses to stealing offenses.  As a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney, Mr. Feely can discuss these with you and how they pertain to your particular case.  

The government will have to show intent to steal to achieve a conviction.  Sometimes the intent to steal is obvious by the person's behavior, but sometimes it is not.

A conviction for shoplifting, stealing, or any theft-related offense, can cause great damage to your reputation and future job prospects. 

​State law dictates the severity of stealing charges based upon certain factors.  One factor is the amount of the item that was stolen. 

If the value is $750 or more, the charge is a felony.  The degree of felony can be dependent on the type of item that was stolen, whom it was stolen from, how much it was valued, and other factors.

The theft of certain items is automatically a felony, no matter what the value.  Stealing a gun is an automatic felony, even if its value is below $750.

If a person gets arrested for stealing under $750, but has been found guilty of 3 or more stealing-related offenses within the prior 10 years, the new case can be filed as a class E felony, without reference to the value of the items.

The primary Missouri stealing statute is §570.030

If you are facing a theft-related offense, don't go to court without a skilled and experienced attorney like James P. Feely, Jr. 

Whether your case is in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, or St. Charles County, Mr. Feely can help you.

Call today to discuss your case for free.

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