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The City of Frontenac is a municipality within St. Louis County, Missouri.

The municipal court in Frontenac is located at 10555 Clayton Rd
Frontenac, MO  63131.

The police department in Frontenac patrols the city quite proactively, in search of alleged law violators.

If they find a person they believe is violating the law, they will arrest and turn the matter over for prosecution.

People who are arrested in Frontenac are often charged with offenses like DWI, assault, weed possession, and others.

If a person is arrested for DWI, they might be facing a municipal case in Frontenac, or perhaps their case will be sent to the St. Louis Circuit Court to be filed as a felony DWI - if it is discovered that the driver has two or more prior DWI cases.

If your DWI becomes a felony DWI charge, the punishment you will face is dramatically different than for a municipal (night) court case, or even a state court misdemeanor.

There are different levels of felony charges for a DWI case - which level is charged depends on how many priors (intoxication-related driving offenses) the driver has received in the past.

All of the felony DWI charges carry a mandatory minimum jail sentence. 

The mandatory sentences vary based on number of priors - a low of 30 days in jail to the harshest - serve a minimum of 2 years flat before parole is even possible.

For some of the lower range felony charges, the jail time can sometimes be avoided by being granted the option to do community service or participate in a court "treatment" program called "DWI court".

Counties in Missouri have their own DWI court programs, and while they are similar, the conditions involved do differ from county to county.    


Even if your DWI is a first-time offense, it is still a very serious charge, which can have devastating effects on your life.

If your DWI case is not handled properly, even a first offense can result in unnecessary consequences.

If you are facing a law violation in Frontenac, Mr. Feely can help.  Call today for a free initial consultation.

Mr. Feely also handles cases in places like Maplewood, University City, and others.


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