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If you have pending criminal defense matters in Franklin County, Union, Missouri, let attorney James P. Feely, Jr., assist you.

Franklin County is located approximately 1 hour from St. Louis, and has its county seat in Union, Missouri.

The address of the Franklin County, Missouri, court house is: 401 East Main St., Union, MO 63084.

The police officers in Franklin County are very proactive in enforcing the laws in their community. 


If they find you allegedly violating the laws in their jurisdiction, they will arrest you.

The prosecutors who handle the state charges are very experienced attorneys, and will do their best to win their case against you in court.

Mr. Feely has successfully represented clients facing very serious charges in Franklin County, including sex offenses and murder.

In his career as a criminal defense trial attorney, Mr. Feely has represented clients in over 30 different Missouri counties. 

When you are facing a serious offense such as a sex offense, you will be assumed to be guilty by the public and local media, even though they will say you are "presumed innocent until proven guilty".

Unfortunately it is a common human response to believe such allegations, especially once the prosecutor files charges. 

People will often erroneously believe that if the prosecutor files the charges, there must be substantial evidence of guilt - even though this is not true in many prosecutions for sexual offenses.

In addition, sexual offenses also carry the requirement of having to register as a sex offender if you are found guilty at trial, or plead guilty.

All sexual offense felonies require registration, as do any misdemeanor offenses that involve as victims, persons under the age of 18.

Once a person is required to register as a sexual offender, they will also have to abide by other legal requirements that other convicted folks don't have to follow, even murderers.

For example, as a registered sex offender, you will not be free to live where you please, you cannot go to various places outlined by the legislature - such as parks and playgrounds, you can't go near schools even if you have a child enrolled.

You will also have to follow other legal requirements that pertain only to registered sex offenders, and failure to do so can result in new criminal charges against you.

When on probation for a sex offense, you will have to face regular lie detector tests, where you will be asked questions that pertain to intimate personal issues.

In some ways, facing a serious sex offense is worse than facing a murder charge. 

While many jurors might be interested to serve on a jury in a murder case, it is probable that they will feel differently about being a juror in a sex offense matter - especially one that involves a claim against a child or minor.

When your future is at stake you need an attorney who has experience handling matters just like you are facing now.

Feel free to call attorney James P. Feely, Jr., today for a free consultation.  He is here to help you. 

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