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If you or a loved one has been arrested or ticketed for a DWI or other ordinance violation in Chesterfield, James P. Feely, Jr., can give you the legal insight you need.

The City of Chesterfield is found within St. Louis County, and the municipal court is located at 690 Chesterfield Pkwy W, Chesterfield, MO 63017.

The police officers in Chesterfield are well-trained and very proactive in the enforcement of laws within the city limits.

Many people face court in Chesterfield every year, for a wide variety of ordinance violation matters - including offenses related to operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

If a driver is charged with DWI or DUI, it is a very serious matter and requires very quick action to protect one's license to drive.

​​Due to political pressure from groups like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) and others, legislators are making the laws tougher each year for intoxication-related offenses.

The prosecutors are very tough on DWI cases these days, not just in Chesterfield but in all jurisdictions. 

It can happen that an attorney uncovers weaknesses in the government's case, and through either negotiation with the prosecutor or fighting the case outright at trial - obtains a very favorable outcome based on the circumstances involved.

If you plead guilty to a DWI, or if you suffer an administrative suspension for having a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher, or if you refuse a breath or blood test when properly requested by a police officer, you will have to complete a program that is called SATOP.

SATOP stands for substance abuse traffic offender program. 

There are different levels of SATOP, and a person who must complete the program will begin by first being screened. 

Based on this screening and outside factors - such as number of prior DWI guilty pleas/convictions, and BAC level in current case, a person will be assigned to complete one of the levels of the program.

If the participant wishes to challenge the level of SATOP assigned, that can be done through the Circuit Court. 

If the judge hearing the challenge agrees with the driver that the level assigned is more than is necessary under the circumstances, they can order that a lower level be completed instead.

There are four main levels of the program, ranging from a 10 hour class to very intensive programs that involve multi-week participation along with alcohol and drug testing.

The SATOP program is under the control of the Missouri Department of Mental Health, and a thorough description of the program can be found on their website.

If a person does not complete their SATOP assignment, they won't be eligible to have their driving privileges reinstated, and can remain forever suspended/revoked until the program is finally completed.

With Chesterfield Mall being located within its jurisdiction, several stealing and shoplifting cases find their way to the municipal court.

Many people don't realize how much damage a stealing or shoplifting conviction can cause to their job prospects. 

Many employers are afraid to hire someone with a stealing conviction on their record.

Sometimes it is possible for your attorney to receive a reduced charge from the prosecutor, so that you don't have a conviction for the original offense on your record.

Even relatively minor offenses like traffic tickets can cause problems for you if not handled properly - possible points on your license and possible suspension/revocation of your driving privileges.

If you plead guilty as charged to a moving violation - that is by simply paying the fine to the original moving violation ticket - you will receive a conviction for that offense on your driving record and resulting points. 

The number of points you will receive for a specific violation are listed in §302.302 RSMo.

If you have a pending case in other courts other than Chesterfield, such as Bridgeton, Ballwin, or Maryland Heights and many other places, we can help you there as well.

Call attorney James P. Feely, Jr., today for a free case evaluation.

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